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Prof. Bhavik Chokshi’s SFM – SHIELD is a compact concept and formula book covering all concepts and important adjustments pertaining to all practical topics for Strategic Financial Management – CA Final.

This book will be helpful for understanding the concepts in SFM and is especially helpful for last day revision of concepts.

P.S – This book only covers concepts and formulas and does not include any sums.

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  1. Yash Mittal

    Will this book be included as part of study material if I order SFM regular/fast-track classes?

    • admin

      Yes, if you order fast track

  2. Pooja Tibrewal

    Veru nice.

    • admin

      Thank you

  3. Yash Dholakia (verified owner)

    Amazing book sir
    Trusting benchmarx since my CPT

    • admin

      Thank you Yash 🙂 Loved to have you with us since the start 🙂

  4. Shoeb

    Nice book

  5. Pratyaksha Garg (verified owner)

    Very helpful book specially for last one day revision.

  6. Meet (verified owner)

    The book was Superb…..Quick Last Day revision of concepts was possible at ease…Thanks Benchmarx

  7. PRAKASH choudhary (verified owner)

    Excellent 😊👍

  8. Aravindhan A (verified owner)

    Perfect Book for LDR

  9. Bbhavani (verified owner)

    Very helpful for revision. Thank you bhavik sir

  10. Shantanu Agrawal (verified owner)

    Conceptual and precise book for LDR purpose.

  11. Sri Praveen (verified owner)

    I would suggest the following changes to be made:
    1.Pls remove the watermark ( it disturbs us lot)
    2. Pls try to give examples for each and every concept, as there are examples for only few concepts

    • admin

      Sure will take your feedback into consideration. Thanks!

  12. Sai (verified owner)

    Amazing book for LDR. Can clearly see the effort you put in designing the book sir. Thank you!

  13. Christina Robert (verified owner)

    Ideal book for last day revision. It shows the genuine and flawless efforts of Bhavik sir and team to stay with us till the very last day. Much obliged!

  14. Neeraj Soni (verified owner)

    Very Comprehensive Book

  15. Devarsh

    Will this book be included in sfm full course lectures if I order full lectures

    • admin


  16. Brishabh Vijan

    Extremely well drafted and perfect for last day revision. Very comprehensive and absolutely loved it.

  17. Neeraj Soni (verified owner)

    Very well drafted book

  18. Ramprasath M (verified owner)

    Very helpful book to revise the subject, i ordered for regular class and then additionally ordered shield to revise. I find it as a perfect combination (regular material+ shield) to revise SFM in a concept wise manner. Thanks to bhavik sir and the team for the all the efforts.

    If any south indian students are hesitant to buy his classes please be assured that he takes 80-90% classes in simple English only. I found it very helpful despite being a person who knows only eng and tamil.

  19. Chinmay Joshi

    This book is an absolute essential for SFM, as it has all concepts explained in an orderly and concise manner. Really helped me as a repository of all the formulae on last day revision. Thanks Bhavik Sir and team!

  20. BhavikFuria (verified owner)

    Very helpful book for last day revision. All important concepts and formulas are summarized very nicely.

  21. Sai Yandamuri

    I am qualified chartered accountant, even though purchased SFM shield latest version, nothing to say, just good enough to revise and recollect our knowledge.

  22. Hritwik Agarwal (verified owner)

    The book and the classes were very helpful

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