FR FastTrack (Full FR in 180 hours)

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  • Professor: Bhavik Chokshi

Duration: Approx 180 Hours (approx)

Recording – 1st October 2021 – 5th December 2021

Downloadable G Drive / Android lectures can be purchases for 12 month / 6 month validity.  

Books will be dispatched and Google drive links / Android access will be provided.

Questions solved – 800+ questions solved

This batch comprises of ALL questions covered in the FR Regular batch by Bhavik Chokshi Sir. The only difference being that the explanation is exam-oriented and solutions are already provided along with the notes in fast track batch and the student does not have to write anything down while viewing the lectures.

This batch is suitable for students studying FR for the first time as well as students who have already done FR and need deeper conceptual clarity / additional practice. 

Coverage – Updated for new sums added with exhaustive coverage of new course ICAI material / Old Course PM / MTP / RTP and past exam papers. Updated to include RTPs upto May 2021 and ICAI exam papers upto July 2021

Topic wise Revision podcast will be made available for students

Validity: 12 Months from Date of activation (default)

6 months if so opted at the time of purchase

Validity of lectures can be further extended up to 6 months on payment of applicable fees.

Total Views: 1.8 times (default). 1.2x in case of 6 months. Files can be forwarded, re-winded, closed and opened any number of times at any future date within the validity period. Actual minutes viewed will be considered. Speed viewing does not give more views.

Applicability: May 22 / Nov 22

Material provided along with lectures:  4 Books: Question Bank – Volume 1 and Volume 2 (including Theory Compiler), FR Shield (Compact concept book)  and 1 solution book (Updated with SM 2021 and July 2021 exams questions)

Amendments (if any):Will be provided FREE of cost to ALL Students irrespective of the attempt

Query solving: Directly by Prof. Bhavik Chokshi through Whatsapp / Telegram / email / call

Speed viewing: Permitted upto 2x

Benchmarx reserves all rights to suspend / block your lectures in case of any transfer of lectures or concerns pertaining to breach of security or copyright.

Video language: Majorly English & some Hindi. The language used is very simple and is easily understandable for students across India. South Indian students have easily understood the language used as per student feedback.

Refer Ind AS 116 Videos on YouTube (5 parts) to understand the language mix: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-2vC-2e5bM&list=PLZg_w2bN180azg9EAXeShSRA7a-faGeQy)

System Configuration:

Pendrive / Google Drive:

Windows 7 Home Premimum Service Pack 1 or above, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10. (NOT Compitable With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Basic, Windows 7 N Edition, Windows 7 KN Edition.)

Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz and above, Celeron Dual Core 1.5 GHZ and above, Intel Atom Quad Core 1.5 GHZ and above.

Ram: 1.5 GB free memory

Mobile (Android) Requirements:

Device Requirement – Android Version (OS) 6.0 And Above

Ram – 3 GB And Above

Internal Storage – 32 GB & Above


ID Proof: ICAI Registration number (compulsory) and PAN / Aadhar / Driving Licence (any 1)

Permitted only on one device

Additional information


Google Drive with Hard Copy, Live @ Home, Mobile (Android) with Hard Copy, Pen Drive with Hard Copy


1.2 With 6 Month, 1.8 With 12 Month

28 reviews for FR FastTrack (Full FR in 180 hours)


    Is there pendrive Fast track Lectures of FR of Bhavik Sir?

    • admin

      Yes you can purchase them. Please get in touch on 90828 10221

  2. Varsha Pradeep (verified owner)

    Sir, Your classes are really good. The conceptual clarity we get from the class is really helping me to solve the questions individually. But in some videos there is a beep sound which makes it difficult to hear your voice. Other than that Its really a good class.

    • admin

      Ya we have re-recorded those lectures and will be replacing them. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  3. Vedang (verified owner)

    Amazing Conceptual Clarity in Limited Time.

  4. Aryan Shah (verified owner)

    Bhavik sir kept the lectures Crisp & Concise.
    All ICAI study material questions, relevant RTP, MTP questions are covered. This ensures we don’t have to open icai material even once since it is already covered in detail.
    FR Shield is well drafted and is one stop for all concepts revision.
    Flow and Chronology of Lectures was on point.
    If you are looking for competing FR course in less time but want full conceptual clarity and all icai questions to be covered, Bhavik Choksi sir is what you are looking for.

  5. Mohit vasyani (verified owner)

    I have taken. Face to face lecs now I have taken. Fast track regular. Both are fantastic
    Your concepts will be clear.

  6. Sunita Kashwan (verified owner)

    Best decision to take FR from Bhavik Sir. That too Fast-track helped a lot in saving time without any compromise on the conceptual understanding or coverage. FR shield is soo well drafted, everything is to the point & concise yet gives the best conceptual clarity & understanding. He just solves each & every question in class. Also discuss the theory questions, without leaving any. All the ICAI questions are covered i.e. Study Mat, RTP, MTP. He provides the best that too in less time. I’m so happy i took these classes. Thanks a lot Sir !! You’re the best!!

  7. Priya.N (verified owner)

    Best class for FR .Full concept coverage considering the time available.

  8. Kevin Joseph (verified owner)

    One of the best classes for FR. Entier concept is covered with conceptual clarity.

  9. S Chitra (verified owner)

    Thank you so much. All the concepts were explained in a crystal clear manner. It was very helpful.

  10. Ritesh Kumar

    How to get android mode Fast track lecture of FR ?

    • admin

      select android version from drop down

  11. Karan mehta

    Excellent conceptual coaching..sir explains every possibility to be in exams also beyond that .

  12. Jithu (verified owner)

    Bhavik Sir is the best faculty for FR.

  13. Gowri L (verified owner)

    Exhaustive coverage of problems and concepts within 180 hrs with so clarity is very helpful especially when the exams are near.
    I am forever grateful to have gotten the opportunity to attend his class atleast before my exam.

  14. Dipesh Arora

    My heart full thanks to Prof. Bhavik Chokshi sir for his guidance for FR and SFM. He has made course exhaustive course simplified and in a manner that It could retain it and understand in short span with concepts clarity.

  15. Dipesh Arora

    My heart full thanks to Prof. Bhavik Chokshi sir for his guidance for FR and SFM. He has made exhaustive course simplified and in a manner that I could retain it and understand in short span with concepts clarity.

  16. Karan

    Very good

  17. Divya (verified owner)

    One of my best decision is to take classes from Bhavik Chokshi. All the concepts were thoroughly explained even in Fastrack also.

  18. Rahul K (verified owner)

    Lecture are really conceptual and helpful to me while studying FR. Sir teaches really well. The coverage is also good I feel. I am gaining confidence in FR, let’s hope for the best.

    Just one feedback if it is possible to combine question and solution book together it will be great, sometimes it is difficult to handle question book, solution book, our notebook plus laptop together.

    • admin

      Thank you for your Feedback Rahul. Will convey your suggestion to the team.

  19. Meenakshi Thakur (verified owner)

    Very nice teacher…Full of Concept clarity…..!!

  20. Soundariya S (verified owner)

    FR was my most feared subject,but after listening to fast track classes of Bhavik sir,I got the utmost conceptual clarity and confidence to solve sums on my own. FR shield containing summarised concepts is awesome to read and question bank containing sums from all ICAI sources makes it very easy for covering the vast syllabus. Thanks to Bhavik sir for all of his efforts and making the FR learning process as an enjoyable ride.

  21. shailesh sanjay shinde (verified owner)

    Best faculty for CA final FR paper. One of my best decision is to take classes from Bhavik Chokshi. All the concepts were thoroughly explained even in Fastrack also.

  22. RAVI SHARMA (verified owner)

    Greeting Sir
    I really enjoyed lectures of FR. I have taken FR fast track but it did not seem like anything has been missed out by sir and also all concept explained like regular course. if your shortage of time and want to cover Full FR course in short time then please go for Bhavik sir’s FR fast track batches you will not regret it. Thumbs up for Bhavik Sir

  23. Dixita Patidar (verified owner)

    Very good conceptual clarity within a limited time
    Boosted my confidence for this subject
    Thank you very much

  24. Apsara B

    Started my Lectures few days back really satisfied. Even in Fastrack batch all the concepts are covered Thank you so much Sir

  25. Amey (verified owner)

    Amazing coverage and conceptual clarity.

  26. Nishita Agrawal (verified owner)

    Its my assurance that one will fall in love with FR after taking lectures from Bhavik sir…You will yourself able to reason each n every adjustment…deep conceptual clarity…and I would recommend this to everyone

  27. Karan Sheth (verified owner)

    This is Karan, I had taken Bhavik Sir’s Fastrack lectures for Financial Reporting for my May 2022 attempt and this is my feedback on his lectures:-
    1) Great for visual learners or people who study by creating practical scenarios in their heads:- one of the greatest strengths sir has while teaching us FR is that he teaches with the help of practical scenarios. He tells us how the application of the concepts we are learning work in real life which really helps us learn and retain what he teaches. While listening to him I sometimes would think about a certain thing and he would immediately mention that thing in his lecture.

    2) Covers ALL concepts:- he covers every single possible/conceivable concept that exists within the module. At the end of the course you literally have EVERY concept covered as well as corresponding sums to cover EACH concept in his question bank. In my experience, no professor has ever done comprehensive coverage of sums to such a level.

    3) FASTRACK COVERS ALL SUMS:- sums are not skipped. All the sums are taught albeit, we aren’t made to write. A solution book is provided. Pretty convenient if you want to save time. Sirs book covers almost everything to my knowledge so you don’t have to refer elsewhere.

    4) Support:- sir does provide reasonably prompt support over WhatsApp by answering doubts with the help of voice notes (his general response time in my experience is around 48 hours). His telegram group again is so comprehensive and provides us with all the information of the syllabus till the final day of the exam.

    5) To the point:- One good thing that I noticed about Bhavik sir’s teaching style is that he doesn’t waste too much time with irrelevant topics and quickly goes to the point to teach us the subject.

    6) Purely exam oriented:- sir spends time only on those topics which would actually fetch us marks and does not waste time on topics which are time consuming and don’t yield anything in the exams. He gives us a clear cut study strategy
    These are the cons (purely personal opinion) that I felt were noteworthy for a student like me who is a slow learner.
    1) Too fast at times:- granted FR is a vast subject and it needs to be covered quickly and Bhavik sir has done a great job in doing that but the downside to it is that students who have trouble focusing will really struggle to keep up at times after watching lectures on a regular basis. (Like you’d go off for 10 seconds and completely lose track of what is being taught) His lectures require a lot of sustained focus for multiple hours which is not easy for some students. Granted you can rewind, but sometimes a student might subconsciously start feeling less confident in the subject if he has to rewind repeatedly to understand something.

    2) Become monotonous:- another thing which I found is a con is that while Bhavik sir has to cover the full syllabus quickly, he does not do much to keep his audience engaged unlike other professors. One may feel that would simply be a waste of time but being a teacher also means that one has to be a great orator and being a great orator is an art. An (average) CA student is already bogged down by a lot in his daily schedule and cannot be fresh and full of energy to learn all the time. Sir could spend 60 secs to crack a joke or something to keep the audience’s attention. (This does not apply to all students, only those who have trouble focusing like a laser for 3 hours)
    Overall, I would say if a student (an average student) sincerely watches all lectures and solves the sums in the books provided along with papers, they can score exemption and possibly even more

  28. Abinaya Sri Ravikumar (verified owner)

    Amazing faculty.He breaks down and simplifies all the concepts thoroughly.

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