Latest Regular Financial Reporting

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Professor: Bhavik Chokshi

Duration: Approx 340 Hours

FR7 Batch date – 4th April 2022 – 15th September 2022

Ongoing FR8 Regular – February 20, 2023 to August 31, 2023 (This is ongoing google drive. Lectures recorded till date will be shared and balance will be uploaded on daily basis)

(Since it is a Face to Face cum Live Stream Batch with students, even student queries solved during class will be accessed in the online lectures)

Coverage – Updated for new sums added with exhaustive coverage of ICAI material / MTP / RTP and past exam papers. Updated to include RTPs upto May 2022 and ICAI exam papers upto May 2022

Questions solved – 870+ questions solved in class

Validity: 6/12/15 Months from Date of activation

Validity of lectures can be further extended on payment of applicable fees (Rs 1,000 per month).

Total Views: 2 times in case of 15 months; 1.8 times in case of 12 months; 1.5x in case of 6 months. Files can be forwarded, re-winded, paused, closed and opened any number of times at any future date within the validity period. Actual minutes viewed will be considered. Speed viewing does not give more views.

Applicability: Nov 23 and onwards

(For May 23 students, it is advisable to opt for Fast Track Batch)

Material provided along with lectures:  4 Books:

  • 1 FR SHIELD (Concept Book)
  • 3 Question Banks (with solutions) – Volume 1, 2 & 3 (Updated with SM 2022 questions and upto May 22 exams).

Special Features

  • Scan & Learn on the go with QR Codes for every tricky question / concept
  • Rigorous written test schedule with more than 10 Topic wise tests & 1 Full Portion Test to ensure regular practice
  • Pocket MCQ series (online) included for concept building
  • Separate complimentary sessions included (optional) wherein Ind AS wise reviews are done from Actual Company Balance sheets in order to give Practical perspective
  • Study Plan and Mentoring sessions
  • Doubt solving support directly by Bhavik Sir

Amendments (if any):Will be provided FREE of cost to ALL Students irrespective of the attempt

Query solving: Directly by Prof. Bhavik Chokshi through Whatsapp / Telegram / email / call

Speed viewing: Permitted upto 2.1x

Benchmarx reserves all rights to suspend / block your lectures in case of any transfer of lectures or concerns pertaining to breach of security or copyright.

Video language: Majority English (70-75%) & some Hindi. Easily understandable for students across India. South Indian students have understood the language used as per student feedback. Please see demo lecture here before purchasing

System Configuration:

Pendrive / Google Drive:

Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 11. (NOT Compitable With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Basic, Windows 7 N Edition, Windows 7 KN Edition.). Works on Macbook only through Bootcamp.

Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz and above, Celeron Dual Core 1.5 GHZ and above, Intel Atom Quad Core 1.5 GHZ and above.

Ram: 1.5 GB free memory

Mobile (Android) Requirements:

Device Requirement – Android Version (OS) 6.0 And Above

Ram – 4 GB And Above

Internal Storage – 32 GB & Above


ID Proof: ICAI Registration number (compulsory) and PAN / Aadhar / Driving Licence (any 1)

Permitted only on one laptop / mobile

Additional information


FR7 Google drive / Android, FR7 Pendrive, Ongoing FR8 Google drive / Android


1.5 with 6 months, 1.8 with 12 months, 2 with 15 months

20 reviews for Latest Regular Financial Reporting

  1. Khushi (verified owner)

    Grateful to take correct decision of taking FR classes of bhavik sir.

  2. Sridhar Paparaju (verified owner)

    Very clear explanation and vivid understanding of Concepts, and also explaining through Practical examples.

  3. Venkat (verified owner)

    I fell in love the way Bhavik teaches the subject and no doubt he is the No.1 in FR teaching.
    I have come across faculty who teaches to the point of Q&A only but you taught us ways of possible questions and answers in the same question (Extra part) which is not expected in teaching.
    Thank you for such teaching which is very impressive. No words.

  4. Uma Bharathi

    The lectures simply awesomene.

  5. Dwitik Dedhia

    Bhavik sirs lecture have been really amazing. They are quite exam oriented lectures and the way of teaching is brilliant. Would recommend Bhavik Sirs lectures to anyone who is studying CA.


    This is the best class if you want to understand the concepts from a practical view point and not just exam purpose. The way of teaching is extremely good and glad I took it up. Would surely recommend for others.

  7. Jayvi Vador (verified owner)

    The lectures are amazing. All topics are explained with such ease and perfection. 100% concept clarity with the help of practical and relatable examples.

  8. Yashvi

    The lectures are wonderful and they provide you with in depth knowledge and small but very helpfull concept builder question ….would highly suggest this lectures

  9. Pranav Sharma (verified owner)

    Concept clarity at it’s best. The source material and teaching style is designed in such a way that one can can easily understand, practically corelate, carry self assessment through chapterwise tests as well as retain the same till exams through reference notes and audio notes. Glad to be taught by such a wonderful teacher!

  10. Sameer Taneja (verified owner)

    I’m in the process of watching through the lectures so this might seem a little early to post the review. However this had to be done. I cannot emphasize enough how good the lectures are, how perfectly Bhavik sir has explained things, repeating the adjustments so many times until students in the class understand (funnily enough, same applies for me watching at home). I was told FR is a lengthy subject, gets boring throughout, for me however, that point has not come so far and I don’t see why it has to.

  11. Aayush Kedia (verified owner)

    Learning with Bhavik Sir is fabulous. The process of teaching is so smooth that concepts just sink in. Study Material is superb (inclusive of audio notes as well).. Glad to be taught under Bhavik Sir.. A decision made correctly

  12. Pratham Goyal

    Great concept clarity. Great learning experience. 100% satisfied.

  13. Guna Sekhar (verified owner)

    south indian students also can take bhavik sir class

  14. Mangesh Nate

    Fully concept based sums and Bhavik sir’s process of teaching is very smooth. He lets us to take proper time to understand each and every concept. DEFINITELY, I’m going to recommend others to take his lectures.

  15. KOSHAL JATANLAL SETHIA (verified owner)

    Concept clarity at it’s best. The lectures are amazing. All topics are explained with such ease and perfection. I would highly suggest this lectures

  16. Raks R (verified owner)

    Interesting and logical way of teaching, would highly recommend

  17. Kushi Gada (verified owner)

    Concept clarity is best and teaching skills are superb and would recommend to others .

  18. Supriya Akole

    Wonderful teaching, with very good conceptual clarity! Also, queries are answered at the earliest.

  19. Sakshi Dave (verified owner)

    Quite detailed explanation for every concept that it fits in your brain. Best faculty for fr. I would definitely recommend it to everyone

  20. Anusha C S (verified owner)

    Very in-depth and conceptual teaching. Best faculty for FR

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