Full AFM in 130 hours – Exam Oriented batch

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Professor: Bhavik Chokshi

Duration: Ongoing Recording – 130 hours (including theory)

Recordings Ongoing Recording – September 16, 2023 to January 05, 2024

Coverage – Updated for new sums added with exhaustive coverage of new course ICAI material / Old Course PM / MTP / RTP and past exam papers till date

Questions solved – 500+ questions solved

This batch comprises of ALL questions covered in the SFM Regular batch by Bhavik Chokshi Sir. The only difference being that the explanation is exam-oriented and solutions are already provided along with the notes in fast track batch and the student does not have to write anything down while viewing the lectures.

Validity:  From Date of activation (default)

Validity of lectures can be further extended up to 6 months on payment of applicable fees of Rs. 1000/- per month.

Total Views: Based on validity opted. Files can be forwarded, re-winded, closed and opened any number of times at any future date within the validity period. Actual minutes viewed will be considered. Speed viewing does not give more views.

Applicability: Nov 24 onwards

Material provided along with lectures: 3 books – 2 volumes and 1 SFM Shield (colourful)

Amendments (if any): All amendments / additions to the course will be provided FREE of cost to ALL Students irrespective of the attempt

Query solving: You will be added to our private groups for doubt solving

Speed viewing: Permitted upto 2x

Benchmarx reserves all rights to suspend / block your lectures in case of any transfer of lectures or concerns pertaining to breach of security or copyright.

Video language: Majority English (90%) & some Hindi. Easily understandable for students across India. South Indian students have easily understood the language used as per student feedback.

System Configuration:

Pendrive / Google Drive:

Windows 10, Windows 11. (NOT Compitable With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Basic, Windows 7 N Edition, Windows 7 KN Edition, Windows 8, 8.1.)

Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz and above, Celeron Dual Core 1.5 GHZ and above, Intel Atom Quad Core 1.5 GHZ and above.

Ram: 1.5 GB free memory

Mobile (Android) Requirements:

Device Requirement – Android Version (OS) 6.0 And Above

Ram – 4 GB And Above

Internal Storage – 32 GB & Above

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IPAD and IPHONE (For Ipad/iphone compatible lectures, please get in touch with the team on 7977299310)

ID Proof: ICAI Registration number (compulsory) and PAN / Aadhar / Driving Licence (any 1)

Permitted only on one device – one laptop and one mobile

Extension possible varying based on product purchased, at applicable cost of Rs. 1000/- per month.

Additional information


Google Drive/Android with Hard Copy, Pendrive with hard copy


1.5 with 4 months, 1.8 with 6 months, 2 With 12 Month

27 reviews for Full AFM in 130 hours – Exam Oriented batch

  1. Keerhi

    Sir I’m eligible for November 2021 and yet I’ve not started SFM. I’ve watched Bhavik Sir’s video lectures on YouTube and it was really helpful for me in learning FR. Hence I wish to buy Sir’s classes for SFM but your regular classes show a duration of 200 hrs which I feel is quite too long for me to cover the entire subject within these 3 months. And so can you please provide the fast track course for SFM by the first week of August. It would be of much help if you consider my request

    • admin

      Hey..Its possible for you to purchase handwritten notes of the regular batch for Nov 21. It will reduce the time you spend on writing the notes and solution to questions and you can finish the regular batch in less than specified hours. Please get in touch with us on 9082810221

  2. Kaushiki

    Sir can i run this on a desktop that meets the requirements?

    • admin


  3. Tisha Jain

    Are the questions solved orally or step wise explaination is provided

    • admin

      Sir will solve them in writing, you don’t have to write them. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us on 90828 10221

  4. Veni Ramasamy

    Hi sir, I know little bit of every chapter in SFM but portfolio, derivatives and options concepts dont know , is it possible for me to understand the bhavik chokshi sir ‘s fast track batch?
    What is the difference between regular 200 hours and fast track 110 hours batch??

    • admin

      Hi.. Yes fast track will help you with the concepts. In regular, Sir will make you write the solutions in class. In fast track, solutions are provided so time is saved in writing the solution. Other than that there is no difference in regular and fast track. Question book for both is the exact same.

  5. Prajnay Jaiswal

    Hi, Is SFM Shield also provided along with the Fast track course?

    • admin

      Yes it is

  6. Pranav Jain

    As specifically mentioned in FR fast track , “students reading for first time can also understand this very well” is this same applies to SFM ?

    • admin

      Yes it is, you can call on 90828 10221 if you wish to speak

  7. C NIRANJANA (verified owner)

    My name is Niranjana.My attempt falls due on nov 2022.I purchased the SFM fstrack from Bhavik Chokshi sir in Dec 2021.I would definitely appreciate his way of teaching by explaining the topics in depth that too in a fastrack batch.He makes us practice a plenty of questions from the past exam papers, RTPs , MTPs and practice manual.I took his class after being dissatisfied from another faculry’s class.I took his class only with the hope of scoring 40 marks in SFM, but let me say that now I wish of making SFM a scoring subject and score an exemption in it. I’m really happy 😊 with his class.I would definitely recommend his class to my friends.Thank you so much sir.I’m conveying this from the inner depth of my heart.

    • admin

      Thank you Niranjana for the in depth review 🙂 Hope you score an exemption.. will wait for your CA Niranjana message 🙂

  8. Rajdeep Jain (verified owner)

    Full coverage of question bank provides hollistic view of the syllabus, the concepts were explained very well and there were some neat tricks to complex concepts explained by the professor.

    • admin

      Thank you Rajdeep 🙂

  9. Venessa Dsouza (verified owner)

    SFM fast track lectures have been helpful in giving concept clarity. The study material provided is exam oriented and exhaustive. Thank you Sir for making SFM subject interesting and easy.

    • admin

      Thank you Venessa. Glad that the lectures helped you!

  10. Anand Joshi

    Hi Bhavik Sir, hope you all are doing fine.
    Absolutely amazing batch especially for big chunk of main chapters for SFM…keep it up with such conceptual clarity..already a student of yours for FR and GFRS …received a good coaching for SFM too…

    • admin

      Thank you Anand 🙂 Glad all the lectures helped you 🙂

  11. Komal Ingole (verified owner)

    The concept clarity is just so great, it’s not mere mugging up and understanding for the sake of exam. And the efforts you make to make us understand then are appreciable. And it’s boon to every student who wants to get little extra. The best part is along with exam orientation you also try to make us understand the crux behind it, and that’s so much fun to learn with. Thanks a lot for all effort you put in. And I would try my best coz I think we all do owe you an exemption.

  12. sahilj9797

    Does it cover sm 2022 questions newly incorporated

  13. Kiran Bafna Mutha (verified owner)

    The Lectures were very helpful.. I failed in SFM in my last attempt… I’m expecting an exemption in the subject in this attempt. The fast track lecture had the perfect balance of conceptual clarity and exam focused learning. Thank you sir.
    However there is only one issue. There was very high-level of audio disturbance in some of the videos which made it difficult to understand what you were saying.

  14. Chengaiah (verified owner)

    Sir, because of your fast-track sfm classes I got 72 marks in dec 2021 attempt ,thank you so much sir.

    • admin

      Thats a great score. Hearty Congratulations! Do share your marksheet on 9082810221

  15. Suryansh

    Its great that sir solves each and every ques in the batch with all proper explanations and guidance as much it is needed for the given time.
    Highly recommended if you are short of time and lacking confidence then just go for this batch

  16. Siddharth (verified owner)

    Bhavik sir covers 100% syllabus at good speed with great conceptual clarity in these FT classes..No lag and No superficial teaching..Very helpful in acquiring a substantial grip over sfm!

  17. Mythreya Davuluri

    I took Bhavik sir fastrack classes both for SFM and FR….the classes really justify the tag line “Simplifying Success”…the flow of thought that he helps to create really helps us to practice complex topics with an ease……..and specifically in sfm we never feel like mugging up the concepts…..the shield helps to revive the explanation in class and solve the sums after a long time also…..I suggest Bhavik sir for anybody who is willing to learn in simplified yet comprehensive way

  18. Nirmal (verified owner)

    The classes were really good. It was easy to understand the concepts with your help, and thanks to that I was able to clear my exams….Thank you

  19. Prabhu4748 (verified owner)

    This is Adhiyantha prabhu mail id [email protected]. I have purchased SFM fast-track lectures from Bhavik chokshi sir. Sir lectures are so easy to understandable and easily you will get conceptual clarity. It was crisp and clear and upto the point. Thank you for your efforts sir.

  20. Bincy Eldhose (verified owner)

    I wrote my CA Final exam this May 22. I got a 3 month study leave and i wanted to write Group 1, since i haven’t taken any classes earlier it was a difficult time to manage classes and studies the same time. So i wanted the best faculties to help me and i took this class for SFM. I only referred his materials and gave 100% concentration during lectures. Due to limitation of time i couldn’t even refer ICAI SM. I cleared Group 1 and also got 58 marks for SFM. Its a fact on the day before exam its difficult to cover his materials in its entirety (i find each problem one of a kind and difficult to refer to all problems) but still we can manage having a proper plan. Thanks Bhavik sir.

  21. SUSMITHA (verified owner)

    Course was totally fabulous. Never expected 110% coverage in fastrack batch.

  22. Divya

    Can I get this for May 2023?

  23. Anju Augustine

    Thanks for making SFM easy.I loved studying with you, Sir

  24. Rahul Kothari (verified owner)

    Hi Bhavik Sir and team. Hope you all are doing fine.
    Absolutely amazing online batch for SFM. I could understand the difficult topics in very simple manner. The conceptual clarity given for the topic is helping me to retain the concept. This is realised when I explained a particular question in forex to my friend. Book coverage is very vast and sufficient I guess. Happy to share that when Bhavik sir says “pause the video and do it on your own”. Just do it, it will build the confidence. Thank you very much once again. One request (if possible) post exam please organise a meeting event where online students can come and visit you at your office / classes at Mumbai. It will be a great opportunity for us to meet you in person.

  25. Gowri Manogari (verified owner)

    Greetings to Bhavik Sir and Team.
    This SFM Fastrack batch has been one amazing learning experience. This subject cannot be taught in any other best manner than this. I’m glad that I purchased you classes. I paused the video and worked out every single sum and then referred the answers later on. I was able to understand each and every concept clearly. Chapters like Forex was not difficult at all, in fact Forex is my favorite chapter. I would suggest all of you all to go for this class without any second thoughts. My love all the way from Coimbatore. Thank you so much Bhavik sir.

  26. Gowri Manogari (verified owner)

    Greetings to Bhavik sir and Team.
    This FastTrack batch of SFM was one amazing learning experience. The subject cannot be made more student friendly than this. I’m glad that I purchased Bhavik Sir’s SFM classes. I can assure to anyone, that topics like Forex can turn out to be one of your favorite after completion of the classes. My love all the way from Coimbatore. Thank you so much Sir. I owe you a great deal for making the subject easy to understand.

  27. ram

    Can anyone suggest which language would be best for this lecture?

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