Latest FR-SFM Combo (New Syllabus) – EXAM ORIENTED BATCH

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Professor: Bhavik Chokshi

Duration: 190 Hours (FR) + 95 Hours (SFM)

Questions solved: 800+ solved in class (FR) & 400+ solved in SFM

Batch date – FR – November 2022 to February 2023

SFM – January 2023 to March 2023

Coverage: Updated for new sums added with exhaustive coverage of ICAI material / Old Course PM / MTP / RTP and past exam papers. Updated to include RTPs upto May 2021 and ICAI exam papers upto Jan 2021

Validity: 12 Months from Date of activation (default)

(6 months in case option taken)

Lectures can be further extended upto maximum 6 months on payment of applicable fees.

Total Views: 1.8 times (defualt). Files can be forwarded, re-winded, closed and opened at any future date within the validity period

(1.2 times in case option taken)

Applicability:  May 23 onwards

Material provided along with lectures:

FR – 4 Books: 1. Concept Book (FR SHIELD) and 3 Volumes for Question Answers

SFM – 3 Books: Question Bank – Volume 1 and Volume 2 and SFM Shield (including Theory Compiler)  (Updated with SM 2021 questions and Nov 2020 & Jan 2021 exams)

Amendments (if any): Will be provided FREE of cost to ALL Students irrespective of the attempt

Query solving: Directly by Prof. Bhavik Chokshi through Whatsapp / call

Speed viewing: Permitted upto 2x

Benchmarx reserves all rights to suspend / block your lectures in case of any transfer of lectures or concerns pertaining to breach of security or copyright.

Medium: Laptop or Desktop

Video language: Majority English & some Hindi. Easily understandable for students across India. South Indian students have easily understood the language used as per student feedback.

FR – Option to select English / Hinglish (70% Hindi)

SFM – Lectures are in English only (75-80% English)

System Configuration:

Pendrive / Google Drive:

Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10. (NOT Compitable With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Basic, Windows 7 N Edition, Windows 7 KN Edition.)

Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.5 GHz and above, Celeron Dual Core 1.5 GHZ and above, Intel Atom Quad Core 1.5 GHZ and above.

Ram: 1.5 GB free memory

Mobile (Android) Requirements:

Device Requirement – Android Version (OS) 6.0 And Above

Ram – 4 GB And Above

Internal Storage – 32 GB & Above


Permitted only on one device

Additional information


Google Drive / Android with Hard Copy, Pen Drive with Hard Copy


1.5 With 6 Month, 1.8 With 12 Month, 1.2 with 4 months


FR English, FR Hinglish (70% Hindi)

16 reviews for Latest FR-SFM Combo (New Syllabus) – EXAM ORIENTED BATCH

  1. Harsh Sojitra

    Very much conceptual, interesting teaching

    • admin

      Thank you Harsh!

  2. Pranali Shetty

    Despite being Fast track course, all concepts
    and sums are covered with complete explanation.
    Teaching techniques of connecting situation with practical life and explaining reasons of why.. helps alot.
    Happy Leaning!
    Thank you Sir.

  3. Akash R (verified owner)

    Classes are really wonderful for conceptual understanding as well as exam preparation. Solving of so many questions in a Fast track batch is helpful.
    It would be more helpful if the viewing time (ie. 1.8x,1.2x) of Google Drive classes is for the whole class as a whole and not individual lectures.

  4. Sivakami (verified owner)

    The most detailed Fastrack ever… Very informative classes.. Thank you for your effort sir… The study material is so user friendly… Easily understandable after the classes..

  5. Kavya Nair (verified owner)

    Grateful for you, Bhavik sir. Thank you so much for your efforts. All the concepts are covered in this fast-track batch and all the sums from RTP, MTP, Study Mat are covered in the book and complete explanation of the same in the video lectures with solving. The best faculty for FR and SFM, no doubt. Its a blessing for me that I got the opportunity to learn from him.

  6. Shivani (verified owner)

    When I first saw Bhavik Sir on Youtube for the Leases chapter I was a bit surprised that how could someone teach such a difficult chapter like this that it sits directly in our minds. I didn’t think twice before taking the FR and SFM combo even though I hadn’t saw any lecture of his on SFM. But now, I feel so grateful that a faculty like this exists and I have the opportunity to study from his lectures for both of the subjects. Thank you so much Sir, You are a blessing for every student.

  7. Sharon.M.T (verified owner)

    Iam really grateful to you Bhavik Sir for your dedicated lectures and concept clarity. Choosing your lectures for SFM and FR is the best decision I ever made for my CA Final preparations. Thank you so much sir for your great effort in making each concept crystal clear.

  8. Amit Tiwari (verified owner)

    It’s a great privilege of mine to get guidance and mentoring from a legendary and genius teacher like Bhavik Sir for both FR and SFM .
    Infact, since my ca intermediate days I was very clear of subscribing for his classes and that comes after a lot of research .
    Trust me when I say this , I got more than what was expected.
    Bhavik sir made all concepts clear while making sure that he solves each and every question there in the textbook even in fast track lectures.

    Lots and lots of love and gratitude Bahvik Sir . Aiming for 60+ at least in both the papers and i guess that would be my true GURU DAKSHINA for you .
    Wish to meet you in person after CA FINALS .


  9. Eashwar. K (verified owner)

    Classes are very much helpful
    I got conceptual clarity in each and every chapter

  10. Priyal Shah (verified owner)

    Although the batch is Fast-Track, Bhavik Sir has managed to provide the conceptual clarity so required
    All the Questions have been covered – SM, MTP, RTP, Past exam questions
    And after this batch, one can revise through lectures uploaded on YouTube, they are very helpful
    One stop solution for FR and SFM- Bhavik Chokshi Sir (Bencmarx)

  11. Liya Elizabeth Kurian

    Bhavik Chokshi sir was just amazing with the SFM lectures. Even though it was fast track he took time and explained everything in detail and did all the questions. Really enjoyed the class. I would definitely recommend sir to everyone that asks me.

  12. LINUFER UMMER (verified owner)

    Thanks to Sir for giving such an elaborate explanation and reasoning which really helps in retaining whatever learned…

  13. SIVAKUMAR (verified owner)

    Very detailed explanation to all the concepts. Much more sufficient for exams preparation.

  14. Chandana Medikurthi

    Are these lectures applicable for may 2023 including the new sums which are added now in icai materials

    • admin


  15. K Mohanachandharan

    The way of approaching the sum of Bhavik Chokshi Sir’s is like, how to read and the way he read takes us how to understand it properly and crack it. Sir covered all topics in both FR and SFM Fastrack classes and it is so engaging and effective. Thank you so much Sir.

  16. Pranav2210 (verified owner)

    I would like to thank all my seniors who just guided me to take Bhavik Sir’s classes for FR and SFM. One of the Best decisions I have taken in my life of choosing the Best Classes with conceptual understanding and real-life examples. I would like to give Guru Dhakshina to Bhavik Sir by getting Exemptions in both papers. Thank you so much Sir.

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